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Coziness paired with Poppie Cotton  and  Quilty Love To be part of Poppie Cotton’s Fabric Tour has been an absolute treat for me!  First, you get to show the world a new fabulous line from one of the most talented companies in the industry, Poppie Cotton.  Then, as a creator, you get to choose a design that speaks to you about the fabric. And then the best part, I got to spend hours touching and bonding with my project every step of the way, just so I could show the world it’s potential in my eyes. For months, I wanted to do an Emily Dennis Pattern, and when her STAR POP was introduced about the same time I started GVQS. It quickly became on the top of my list of to-do projects.  STAR POP is a really easy pattern with an awesome finished look. It is pretty much built entirely on HST’s (half-square triangles) that will have you labeled as a “pro” by the time you complete the quilt. Emily has the company,  Quilty Love  and I really encourage you to check out her site. She is so gracious

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